Spring River Artists Guild
Fran Sabia
  My name is Frances (Fran) Sabia, my art signature is “Collie”.  I first became interested in art during my school years. Then I graduated, got married, had children….and life got in the way of my painting.  Born in Nebraska, raising my family in Chicago, and moving to Arkansas has made it possible for me to have a wide variety of subject matter in country and city life.  Visiting my 3 sisters in 3 different states and taking lots of pictures also helps with subject matter.  Fifty years later, I am making my comeback.  I am taking more classes and turning out some pieces.  I am a proud member of the Spring River Artists Guild and enjoy working there and playing with the other artists.  I refer to myself as  a “hanging artist”.  Come visit our gallery.  See what we have to offer.  

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